Образы собак в работах фирмы Карла Фаберже — Dogs in jewelry works of Karl Fabergé.

Петер Карл Густавович Фаберже(1846-1920)   —   “The House of Fabergé”              Это слайд-фильм составлен из фотографий работ фирмы Фаберже до 1917 года. с их описанием. А так же небольшой рассказ о судьбе Мастера — Карла Фаберже.

Reuben Ward Binks (British, 1880-1950)

Слайд-фильм  фотографий из 24работ английского художника-анималиста —                                                  Рубенa Вард Бинкса (1880-1950) 

Reuben Ward Binks (1880, Bolton, Lancashire – 17 May 1950, Westmorland)

Reuben Ward Binks (1880, Bolton, Lancashire – 17 May 1950, Westmorland) was a noted English artist in canine portraiture, Lakeland landscapes and wildlife painting.
Binks was recognised as the leading artist of his day in canine portraiture, not only in the UK but abroad. He painted dogs for three generations of the British Royal family, and among his patrons were four successive monarchs.
His talent attracting Royal notice, Binks was commissioned to paint the famous terrier, “Caesar” Caesar (dog), for King Edward VII[1] and some of the favourite dogs of Queen Alexandra. He also painted Clumber spaniels for King George V, Cairns for King Edward VIII (then Prince of Wales), retrievers for King George VI (then the Duke of York), terriers for the Duke of Gloucester (then Prince Henry), Alsatians for the late Duke of Kent (then Prince George), and the pets of Princess Victoria (sister of King George V).
In 1925, Binks went to India to paint 150 pictures of dogs for the Maharajah of Patiala.